This week we saw a new Korean web drama all about girl power, a Chinese psychological crime thriller, and a classic fantasy movie starring the hottest Korean stars. Next week we have a fun new high school web drama, a stunning Japanese historical saga, and a romantic comedy that you won't want to miss. Let's take a look!


1. Master of Play

Due to his daughter's kidnapping 20 years ago, Kan Siu Nam (Adam Cheng) divorced his wife Angela (Rebecca Chan) and singularly focused on his acting career. But when Siu Nam's newest role gets him mixed up with a string of real-life serial murders, he discovers a strange link between Ivan (Moses Chan), a renowned magician, and the victims. In the greatest role of his life, Siu Nam breaks through the fourth wall and follows an unnerving crime trail that leads back home.

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2. Girls' Love Story

Four women are ready to take their relationships to the next level and prepare to move in with their boyfriends. The only problem is, they’re all dating the same man — and come moving day, he’s nowhere to be found! Meet Sweet Beauty (Yoo Seung Ok), Sexy Eater (Ye Jung Hwa), Innocent Drinker (Han Eun Seo), and Loyal Cry Baby (Oh Cho Hee), four vivacious fitness trainers now hell-bent on revenge against the man who stole their money and trust in the opposite sex.

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3. A Werewolf Boy

In hopes that fresh air will cure her chronic lung ailment, Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) is suddenly shuttled to the countryside, where she quickly discovers there's a lot to adjust to in their new house and surroundings — namely, a wild boy named Chul Soo (Song Joong Ki) who lives in the barn. Though initially believed to simply be an orphan lacking social skills, Chul Soo begins to develop feelings for Soon Yi, eventually leading to a love triangle that exposes the truth behind the werewolf boy.

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1.">Yae's Sakura

Yae's Sakura tells the story of Niijima Yae (Haruka Ayase), also known as Yamamoto Yaeko, who was born into the Aizu Domain during the late Edo period. Skilled in gunnery, she helped defend Aizu during the Boshin War, earning her the nickname of the “Bakumatsu Joan of Arc.” After the war, she married educator Joseph Hardy Neesima (Niijima Jo) and became a Christian, and she helped Neesima found Doshisha University.

2. To Be Continued

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Cha Eun Woo

Members of the talented new K-pop boy group Astro, comprised of Lee Dong Min, Kim Moon Bin, Park Jin Woo, Kim Myung Jun, Yoon San Ha, and Park Min Hyukhas, worked hard and sacrificed to make it to the top, but just before their debut their fates change when they are magically sent back in time to get a second chance at redoing their mistakes. Now it's up to Jeong Ah Rin (Kim Sae Ron), a girl with mysterious powers to see the future, to get them back to the future. 


3. Finding Mr. Destiny

Unable to forget her first love, Seo Ji Woo (Im Soo Jung) attempts to track him down with the help of Han Gi Joon (Gong Yoo) of the "Finding Your First True Love" Agency. However as they travel together, Gi Joon worries he may not be able to help Ji Woo when he begins to fall in love with her.


Which new dramas did you watch this week? Which new dramas are you looking forward to? Comment below!