A new app has launched in Korea that helps users from all over the world learn Korean, and it's enlisted the help of some pretty big K-pop and movie stars to encourage those who need a little inspiration.

For many that are wanting to or even already trying to learn Korean, the goal is perhaps to be able to listen to a K-pop song or watch a K-drama without any assistance. As if any more motivation was needed, a new app just launched early last month that will not only help the user learn the language, but have fun doing it with the help of real-life Korean stars. Participating in the fun language app are Luna of the girl band f(x), singer Irene of Red Velvet, Cha Eun Woo of Astro, Jin Goo (https://www.dramafever.com/jin-goo/actor/649/), and Han Ji Min (https://www.dramafever.com/han-ji-min/actor/31/). The app, called "Danbi," which translates to "welcoming rain," not only teaches how to write Korean vowels, consonants, and syllables, but also has audio and visual lessons, along with 100 basic conversation skills. Not bad for $2.99!

As for the star participation, their individual handwriting is used in the lessons themselves. So for fans, it's almost as if they're getting taught by their favorite Korean stars, which is sure to get them motivated and focused enough to really learn the language. Still in its initial stage, the app already has a few thousand users, of which the developer, Kim Hyun Sun, hopes will grow in the future. 

So if you've ever thought about learning Korean, Danbi might just be the perfect app for you.


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