We're all guilty of over-eating every once in a while. But for those who get out of control at times, having some banana vinegar will curb your appetite.

It's simple to make at home, and you can even alter the recipe to match your preferences. Just slice up some bananas and get 100 grams of brown sugar and 200 grams of black vinegar. Put it all in a microwavable container and heat for 40 seconds, without a lid. Then transfer the contents into a sealed container and let it all sit overnight. That's it!

The vinegar itself will last for over a year, but it's best to take out the sliced bananas in a week or two. Since the vinegar is very potent, it's recommended that you add it to whatever you're drinking, such as soda. Consume two tablespoons a day, no more. It's best to dilute it in a liquid that's ten times the volume of the actual vinegar, so as to ease the effects on your stomach. This vinegar helps control your blood sugar after a meal, makes you feel full quickly if ingested with bread, and brings out the amino acids in the banana, which will curb your appetite.

If you want it sweeter, you can add more sugar or even add more bananas. Users of this diet swear it works.

Banana vinegar soda: