Japanese adult entertainment is known for catering to almost every imaginable need of the customer. Now those with fetishes for big, strong male chests have a bar they can go to to get drunk and caress some machismo.

As long as I can remember, the "oppai pub" has been a part of Tokyo nightlife. These are establishments where guys go to touch girls' boobs, all the while having the girls pour them drinks, light their cigarettes and laugh at their boring jokes, all for about 5000 yen (50 dollars) an hour. Most of these places have unlimited drinks per hour deals. There are limits to what you can do, of course. Only boob touching. Try anything else and you're bound to be confronted by some dudes that look like they belong in a yakuza movie. So, most everyone is well-behaved!

I've never seen an oppai pub where men and women can go enjoy the same type of experience, but with male servers, until now, that is. A mysterious "Men's Oppai Pub" has opened somewhere in Japan. I looked all over online, and there is no website or information available. All I found was a flyer announcing the "2500 yen an hour drink and caress all you want!" deal. Unlike oppai pubs for straight men where strict rules are in place, the men's pub seems to not care so much. "Touch them, caress them, f@#k them. Do what you want!" You even get a discount if a staff member picks your guy for you. I imagine it gets pretty crazy in there; not a place for a quiet drink after a day at the office.

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Oh, and one more thing. Tequila shots are on the house.