A new Izakaya (bar) in Tokyo sympathizes with the bald, tired salaryman. If judged to be bald upon entry, they receive discounts on food and drinks.

Otasuke, an izakaya that opened just two weeks ago in Akasaka, a business district in Tokyo, treats a certain kind of customer with extra kindness. If you're bald, or hagē as they say in Japan, you get the "Hagē Discount." If you have one hagē in your party of six, for example, you get a 500 yen discount coupon. Two hagēs, 750 yen and so on. If five out of six of you are bald, one person gets to eat and drink for free! And if all in the party of six have no hair, there's a secret special service Otasuke has in store for them.

This izakaya really cares about the bald man."We support the hard working father who's been through so much stress he lost his hair, but still goes to work everyday for his family!" reads the sign outside.

List of countries with highest percentages of men with thinning hair on the izakaya wall: