"Boys Love," a manga/novel genre in Japan pertaining to love between adolescent boys, is a big hit with the ladies. That's why there's now a free social novel game where players can decide how the story unfolds.

This new social novel romance game, titled "Seishun Kareshi~Danshi Kō no Himegoto~" (Boyfriend of Youth~Boys School Secret) allows the player to make choices of characters as the story unfolds, thereby changing the course of the story and ultimately the ending. You create the story as you go along, immersing yourself in certain characters and living the character's aspirations and life. This game is intended for females. At many bookstores across Japan, Boys Love books are sold almost exclusively to women. Many women in Japan (though of course still a very small minority) immerse themselves in stories of romance between adolescent pretty boys. Some of the content is graphic in nature, the majority of it is not. The manga artists and writers in this genre are also successful manga artists and writers in other genres, which contributes to the high quality of many of the titles.

For the game, it starts off free, but to really delve into the game you're expected to pay for extra features. Not only can you control the characters choices and actions, you can even select and change how your avatar dresses. Too much fun for Boys Love fans.

Available on iOS.

"I've been watching only you, since I was a little kid." (he's on the swim team)

"I've always wanted you to touch me." (basketball team)

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"I'll teach you everything about volleyball. Everything." (volleyball player)

"Even if I get scouted by the volleyball team, I have the newspaper club, too, that needs my help."