Whether it's somewhere to meet friends or just kill some time, we've all looked for places to hang out while in the city. Sometimes these places can be hard to find because they are expensive or have limited room, but a new cafe in Shibuya, Japan manages to do everything right.

Coinspace, a new type of cafe, has opened up in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. For only 100 yen (about a dollar), you can use the space for pretty much anything. You can bring your own food and your own drinks but soft drinks are even free with unlimited refills. There are magazines to read, outlets to charge your laptops or phones, a playroom for kids and a conference room for meetings. And of course, a smoking room for all the smokers that just want to light up.

The cafe is located right next to Shibuya Station in Tokyu Plaza Department Store, which has a whole floor of ready-made food for sale. You can purchase anything you want, go up to Coinspace, and enjoy your meal. All this in the middle of one of the most crowded shopping and entertainment areas in Tokyo. Sometimes you just want to escape the crowds and relax. But hurry, because with deals like this, it's probably packed with people wanting to do the same thing.