Whenever I see a well-dressed, appearance-conscious elderly person out and about on the town, I always think of how cool they are and how great they look, proud and looking sharp. Brands from around the world are now coming out with a line for the elderly who may not look like rebels anymore but feel that way inside.

Time is fleeting, and before we know it, we will be walking around with the help of a cane or accepting a seat offered to us by a younger person on the subway. We'll be looking older, but we'll be who we are now, inside. If you think about it, many of our parents and grandparents used to be our age and younger, running around and getting into trouble like we used to do (or still do). Many hell-raising punk rockers will eventually be playing Bingo in an old people's home too. It's just our bodies that age. Of course we mature in our views of life and the world, but we basically stay the same.

So for those 90-year-old rebels, this line of canes is for you! With skull, dragon, and other animal-inspired handles, this cane is sure to make you look the way you feel. Expression of style and fashion sense should have no age limit. Why stop caring about style just because you're getting up there in age? It's all about how you feel, not about what anyone thinks of you.

So stay stylish, no matter what.

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