According to Freedom House, a non-partisan American think tank that advocates democracy, political freedom, and human rights, China has ranked dead last in the world when it comes to internet freedom. And now, the future looks even darker for the Chinese public, as a proposed law that would allow police agencies to completely cut off internet access whenever they felt it necessary, such as natural disasters, public health crises, and even social unrest.

This is, of course, unsettling on many levels, since it gives the already-corrupt police even more power and control over the voices of the people. The draft of this new law, which was introduced by China's Ministry of Public Security, states that, "If necessary, police authorities at the county level and above can take measures to control the internet to deal with emergency situations after getting approval from the provincial or central governments." But what exactly constitutes an emergency situation? To a public that has already dealt with, and continues to deal with various forms of online censorship, this new draft is definitely something to be concerned about. This is the first time that a law has actually been written, which allows law enforcement to cut off internet access from the public. And the scariest part of it, is that the police can do this even when there's no crisis, such as during public gatherings, state events, or instances where specific individuals and officials are deemed to require certain types of protection. 

This law, if it was to come into effect, would not only affect the entire online population in China, but it could have a direct hit on businesses and industries around the world who have access to the Chinese public. Even Korean entertainment, for example, which has a big stake in the Chinese market, will lose out. If law enforcement agencies can arbitrarily just turn the internet off whenever they please, that means no streaming K-pop or K-dramas for millions of Chinese, which is sure to be a bummer for both fans, the stars, and the Korean entertainment industry as a whole. But these kind of concerns pale in comparison to what really matters — which is the potential censorship of an entire population of people.


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