Watching your three and five year olds go crazy drawing with a bunch of colored crayons is one thing; seeing them put the nasty crayons in their mouths is another. With these new crayons out of Japan, it won't matter if your children eat them because they're made out of vegetables!

Design Works STmind, a company out of Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, just launched their new set of colorful crayons, called Vegetabo, made straight out of fruits, vegetables, and rice bran oil. All the colors of the set are created by the actual colors of the fruits and vegetables and named after them, too. There are no reds and pinks in this set of crayons. There's chili pepper for red, apple for pink, spinach for green,  corn for yellow, and so on. Because of this, the colors are a bit different from conventional crayons as well; they somehow look softer and a lot more natural.

Besides the eco-friendly way in which these crayons are made, they are 100% child-friendly as well, with no artificial enhancement of colors. Actual fruits, vegetables, and rice bran oils are the only ingredients. For parents overly cautious about their children's health and safety, these are the perfect crayons. They can be used to teach kids about fruits and vegetables, too. To top it off, they're priced at only 2,160 yen, or about 20 dollars, which is pretty cheap considering how all-natural they are.

Besides, if you forget to go grocery shopping, you can always tell your precious kids to eat their crayons.

Only fruits, vegetables, and rice bran oil

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