It sure is cold outside . . . Speaking of cold, who can't wait for summer so they can lay in the hot sun and get that sexy tan? If you raised your hand for that one, all you need is TanRound, a new line of see-through outfits that will let you soak up some rays and get some color on your skin, no matter what time of year it is!

When I was a little kid, I remember wondering why people got suntanned and sunburned in the summer but never in the winter, despite the sun always being in the same place.  And now, as an adult, I know that besides the differing intensities of the sun's rays, it's also because we wear so much clothes in the winter months that our skin doesn't get exposed to whatever sunlight there is. Theoretically, you could get a nice tan if you laid out on the beach on a cold and clear winter day, especially if there was snow to reflect the rays, but you might freeze to death, which would kind of be an embarrassing way to pass away. So what to do if you just want a tan in the winter?

Yes, I know there are tanning salons, but that's just not the same. They are not good for you, and nothing beats soaking up natural sun rays. And it's never too cold if you have apparel from TanRound, the world's first clothing line that allows you to get a nice tan even in the freezing winter months! What TanRound does is keep you warm and exposed, as long as it's not colder than -1 Celsius, which is about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Made with plastic, the outfits will not only get you some much need winter doses of vitamin d, but will let you get nice and tan while all those around you continue to get more pale. A special patented UVTR technology in the plastic supposedly soaks up the warm sun rays while keeping the heat inside. 

Obviously, the only problem is how funny it looks, both for men and women. Being gawked at and stared at will be a guarantee, but as long as you're fine with that, this see-through outfit may just be for you. There are apparently folks who are willing to give it a try, as the creators of TanRound gathered almost 12,000 dollars on their Kickstarter campaign, which was way beyond their goal. 

But personally, I think I'm just going to wait until summer rolls around to get my tan.


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