Globalization and the spread of international cuisine around the world has brought with it a significant increase in competent chopsticks users. Using chopsticks is an acquired skill that used to take some practice and experience, but not anymore...

34 year old Katsuyuki Miyabo of Japan is a chopsticks craftsman from Fukui prefecture. Upon seeing friends who had trouble using chopsticks, he decided to design and create ones that could be readily used by all. By connecting the chopsticks with hinges and designing them so the user's hand can be placed at the perfect angle, he invented the Ai(Love) Bow Chopsticks. With over 90 different types, the chopsticks are not only practical and easy to use for anybody, but the designs are very cool looking. Some are thinner than others, while others have fork and spoon shapes on the bottom. He even makes custom ones if requested.

At his Chopsticks Factory Miyabow, they only use domestic and natural materials. He is very serious and passionate about his craft. Not only are these chopsticks a godsend for those who just can't get used to eating noodles using conventional ones, they're appreciated as amazing pieces of craftwork and art, as proven by his recent invitations to exhibit his special chopsticks.

Very cool indeed.

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