Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 4.14.26 PM In the midst of rape accusations against actor Park Shi Hoo, the public’s curiosity is growing over what Park’s friend known as "Person B.” a recently debuted actor, as he was with Park the entire night of the incident. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who is leading investigations in the case, confirmed that ”Trainee A” filed a lawsuit against Park stating that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo while drunk on the 15th at 11PM, and that “Park has been summoned for further investigation on the 24th.” With conflicting statements from Trainee A and Park, it looks as though Person B, an up and coming actor, holds the key to the case as an important witness. Police revealed that they have obtained footage from the parking garage in the building where Park resides showing Park, Trainee A, and Person B going up to Park’s home together. However, Person B has remained silent, and is avoiding all contact with the media. SBS E! Entertainment News has tried making contact since the 19th but has not been able to get in touch with Person B. According to one report, he and Trainee A exchanged messages the morning following the incident, and he is unsure of what to do with his involvement in the case with fellow actor Park. Sources close to Person B said in an interview, “Park Shi Hoo and A had a good time with each other, regardless of whether it was at the bar or Park Shi Hoo’s apartment. The following morning, everyone returned to their respective homes. A and K even exchanged text messages after that. If something of that nature (sexual assault) had happened on that night, they wouldn’t have contacted each other through text messages at all. Judging from [Trainee A]’s behavior and what she said, there was absolutely no premonition that something like this would happen. Something sudden must have happened for her to do this. There are so many rumors flying around that [Person B] finds it to be unfair and unjust, and is terribly sorry for his senior, Park Shi Hoo.” Park has confirmed that while he met Trainee A for drinks through a mutual friend on the 15th, denied allegations of forcing “A” to have any relations with him, as there was mutual interest between the two as man and woman and there was mutual consent. [Sources: SBS E! Entertainment News, Yahoo! Philippines] For more on this developing story, please see our other stories here.