Ever wished you could have continued watching a dream that ended too abruptly, or even more, wished that you could have been able to control your actions while in the life you enter in your sleep? Believe it or not, this new invention might allow you to do just that. 

The dream world we enter when we go to sleep at night is one we have no control over — it takes us wherever our subconscious takes us. However, every once in a while, we're lucky enough to have lucid dreams, where we're actually aware that we're dreaming. Being somewhat awake during these times, everything we experience feels completely authentic and exactly the same as if they were happening in real life. And not only that, while we do have these lucid dreams, we can control what happens to ourselves and others, even able to direct the outcomes of our nighttime adventures. For example, if you're lucky enough to be having a lucid dream about being on a date with your crush, you can literally control the entire scenario! How awesome is that?

But of course, most of these lucid dreams happen accidentally, and for the most of us, not so often. Some people do train themselves so they can have more of them, but even then, nothing is guaranteed. Why these hyper-realistic dreams are so rare is because they're controlled by a specific brain activity known as “gamma activity.” When you're asleep, it's obviously not easy to make your brain do something, like "activate gamma," because you're totally knocked out. You literally have to enter an altered state of consciousness to experience lucid dreams. And to assist in entering this alternate reality, a Dutch company called Neuromodulation Technologies B.V. has invented a special device. Based on scientific research involving Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS), which is a type of mild electrical stimulation of the part of the brain that gets active during lucid dreaming, 77% of subjects in a recent study entered the world of lucid dreaming. Called the Lucid Dreamer, the still-yet prototype device has shown moderate success in other tests conducted by the team of inventors, who are crowdfunding on Kickstarter as we speak. So far, they have raised 61,333 US dollars out of their 112,195 dollar goal, with 47 days left. 

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. The inventors are dreaming themselves that their goals will be achieved, so that maybe, just maybe, one day we can all fall asleep knowing we'll be watching and experiencing whatever we want. 

Sweet dreams!

The Lucid Dreamer