Celebrated journalist Chai Jing has raised more than a few eyebrows for her new documentary about pollution in China, called Under the Dome. The documentary that feels like cross between a TED Talk and Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth immediately went viral, racking up over 175 million hits in two days.

The film shows Chai Jing in front of an audience as she shows images, slides, and video pertaining to China's enormous smog and pollution problem. The most heartbreaking scene of the documentary comes at 3:48, when the journalist asks a little girl if she's ever seen stars before, to which the girl replies, "no, I haven't."

The Chinese government was initially supportive of the film, but the Propaganda Department has since stepped in and told news outlets not to hype the documentary, causing some to even remove Under the Dome

We've yet to see what the impact of this documentary might be, but it could very well cause a much-needed environmental revolution in China. You can check out the documentary below with English subtitles. 

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