"They say in Brazil that when a boy is born, he's a soccer player. When a girl is born, she's a princess. But who says a princess can't play soccer?"
  New to DramaFever, the Brazilian coming of age series Brilhante F.C. tells the story of five brave teens who formed the first women's soccer team in a small Brazilian town dominated by men.

Brilhante FC

Led by Rita and coached by her mother Mazé, the girls tackle all kinds of difficulties on the journey to reach their ultimate goal: to win the Regional Women's Soccer Championship. This inspiring family story touches on the beauty and innocence of first loves, difficult relationships with parents, and the responsibilities (or irresponsibility) of teens, using the soccer field as its canvas for life.

Meet the team:
Rita: Rita (Priscila Lima) is 15 years old and has always loved playing soccer. She grew up in an environment where everyone around her said that girls should not play it, but as a teen she can finally show her talent as she joins a women's soccer tournament. Rita is a natural leader, her presence makes a big difference on the field, but she will experience great difficulties dealing with everything going on around her.
Brilhante FC Jessy: Jessy (Julia Foti) is Jaciara's American nickname as she is the 15 year old, blue-eyed blonde of the group. After years of living in the United States with her parents, she returned to temporarily live with her godmother Mazé, mother of Rita. Jessy is independent, competitive, and sometimes even arrogant. In the U.S., she used to get into risky situations with friends.
Giovana: Giovana (Livia Stacciarini) is 16 and is Rita's cousin. Seen by many as vain, she is always trying to be trendy. She is the more conventional teen on the team. She is Rita's best and most faithful friend. For her, soccer has always been a way of having fun together and sees the team more as an extension of friendship than as a means of personal fulfillment.
Brilhante FC Formiga: Played by Fernanda Dias Neves, Formiga's real name is Franciele. She's 15 years old, but looks much younger and is Brilhante F.C.'s secret weapon. She has an amazing natural talent for soccer and can perform moves that leave everyone in awe. Formiga dreams of being a professional player.
Look1 Raquel: Raquel (Suellen Arrabal), 15, is the daughter of strict Evangelical parents who live in the rural area, far from the school and the houses of the other girls. Raquel loves being part of a group, but suffers from the rigidity of her father. She learned to play ball at home, but her father does not want her to play soccer fearing that it steers her away from the correct paths of God.
  Brilhante FC
Mazé: Mazé (Lilian de Lima) is the 35 year old mother of Rita. She is a strong, upbeat and independent woman who works, takes care of her home, daughter and everything else that comes her way. She supports Rita's love for soccer and assumes the role of coach to help her daughter and her friends. Mazé becomes instrumental in creating the team since it quickly becomes clear that the girls need an authority figure to organize and follow through.
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