Tdrama fans, we have great news! If you've been loving Miss Rose, you'll be excited to hear that star Roy Chiu has sent a personal thank-you to DramaFever viewers! You won't want to miss his comments to all his fans on DramaFever, which we'll be posting Monday, December 31st. Replacing Miss Rose on the schedule is a charming new romance from Taiwan called Substitute Princess (金大花的華麗冒險), aka Princess' Stand-in. Substitute Princess stars DramaFever favorite James Wen as Champion, and Chris Wu (Autumn's Concerto) as Ouyang Tai, and starts with a literal cliffhanger. A mountain climb with his fiancé turns tragic when Ouyang Tai's lover falls off a steep cliff. Heartbroken, he meets a down-on-her-luck woman named Jin Da-hua with a slight resemblance to his former fiancé. Seeing a way to reap the benefits of marriage to his career and help out someone deep in debt, he devises a mutually beneficial plan: a fake marriage! Jin Da-hua agrees and even undergoes plastic surgery, but can she ever forget her childhood sweetheart (James Wen)?