DramaFever is delighted to present a brand new Taiwanese romance comedy drama, Say I Do Again, which DramaFever will simulcast starting Monday, August 25. Starring Mandy Wei (Wei Man) and Lin Yo Wei, the story is about a couple who divorced soon after a quick wedding. When they meet again, will it be love or disaster? We have 3 trailers for you.


Hoteliers Xiang Zhen Yang (Lin Yo Wei) and Shu Xin Kuei (Mandy Wei) have a few things in common, including working at the same hotel and being recent divorcees. The only problem is that they are actually each other's exes. Can Zhen Yang and Xin Kuei keep the hotel in tip-top shape β€” without letting out their own dirty laundry β€” or is their patience for one another at maximum capacity?


Lin Yo Wei: Popular singer-actor Lin Yo Wei is making a premiere appearance on DramaFever as a lead in a drama series. However, the charming actor has already been the leading star for many Taiwanese dramas, and he even made a cameo appearance on one of our top favorite shows, Just You, as the owner of the aquarium shop that Liang Liang (Puff Guo) visited for her pet fish.

Mandy Wei (WeiPan): The beautiful Mandy is well known for her long-flowing hair, but she chopped it short for Say I Do Again. She rose to fame as the elegant ballerina with an encounter with fate in Deja Vu. She will present a different image and personality in the new romantic comedy. On DramaFever, you can also find Mandy in a supportive role in Love, Now.

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