crazylove Jang Yoon Suh got feisty in a recent episode of Crazy Love. Jang Yoon Suh, playing the part of Kim Jong Hee who lives and dies by loyalty, gets involved in a quarrel with her best friend, Mee So. In the episode, Jong Hee finds Mee So's husband having an affair with another woman. When she sees this, Jong Hee grabs the other woman's hair and fights for her best friend. When the shooting for the scene was over, the actress commented, "My hair was a complete mess and I got a bruise on my knee because I fell so hard; it was a really passionate scene. There will be many scenes where Jong Hee steps up for Mee So so please anticipate refreshing scenes enacted by Jong Hee." Are you guys ready for some heated action scenes in Crazy Love? (Source: