One of the most heavily requested features is now on DramaFever - scrolling subtitles! The new subtitle tab lets you view multiple subtitles at a time, go forward or backwards via subtitles and scroll through subtitles. You'll never miss a subtitle again!

Follow subtitles live with the Sync Subtitles button. This is turned on by default. If you want to view subtitles without following the video, turn this off. Turn it on again, and subtitles will again sync up with the video.

Now you can jump to your favorite scenes by clicking on subtitles. Find that line that you love and you'll be taken directly to that point in the video.

For your reading convience, change the background between black and white with the toggle button in the upper left. 

The new subtitle tab is a versatile tool that you'll find many uses for as you use it more. Thanks for helping us design this great feature with your valuable feedback!

We're rolling out more new features across DramaFever. We'll be detailing them throughout the week. In the meantime, enjoy DramaFever!