Today we uploaded a new series H.I.T. (Homicide Investigation Team) starring Ko Hyun Jung. It is a fast-paced murder investigation story with lots of twists and a bit of romance thrown in the mix.  It was pretty popular in Korean in 2007 and we think you will also find it enjoyable.  If you are a K-drama fanatic, you may recall that Ko Hyun Jung starred in the megahit 90’s series Sandglass. We also added new episodes for Couple or Trouble, Dr. Kkkang, Goong, Jumong, La Dolce Vita, Last Scandal, New Heart, Que Sera Sera, Thank You, White Tower, and Yisan. Going forward, we will add new videos every Thursday and upload at least one additional episode for every incomplete title in our collection so you don’t have to wait too long for your favorite series. We’d like to upload videos faster but please understand that it takes an awful long time to process our source materials so we can stream them on our site. Nonetheless, we will be uploading about 20 hours of new videos each week so there should be plenty for you to watch!