[caption id="attachment_18780" align="alignleft" width="394" caption="Sean Richard"][/caption] A new contest was announced via Daniel Henney's Facebook page and Twitter account that challenges fans take the star along with them on vacation this summer and win big prizes. Well, his photo cutout, anyway. Check out contest details here and take photos with the star wherever you go--hurry up though, the contest ends at the end of the week! The most creative entries will win an autographed photo or DVD. Baker King Kim Tak Gu (or, as it will inevitably be known in English, Bread, Love and Dreams) continued its ratings domination last week, attracting almost 40% of viewers. Coming up a very respectable second was the historical hit Dong Yi, with an audience share of about 30%. Kim Yu Na keeps it real in a new interview, revealing that she does all her own hair and makeup despite being one of the most popular stars in Korea. The much-photographed, much-discussed and very wealthy star says that having someone else do her hair simply costs too much! Born in Korea and raised in Los Angeles, Jejoongwon's Sean Richard is the latest addition to the spy spinoff Athena. A Man Called God's Han Chae Young is on track to break out as an international star. The popular beauty is in talks with both CAA China and William Morris in the States to pursue film, drama and commercial offers. Park Yong Ha's tragic suicide in June has producers looking for actors to fill his role opposite Yoon Eun Hye in the drama Love Song. Sources say that they'd prefer to fill the role with someone who was close to Park, and such names as Won Bin, So Ji Sub and Ryu Si Won have been dropped to the press as possible replacements. Finally, does Kdrama have mommy issues? When there's only a 2 year age difference between actresses playing mother and daughter (as with Kim Suh Hyung and Park Jin Hee in Giant) does it strain credibility so much that it takes away from the drama? Are older actresses getting left out when mother characters are trending younger and sexier?