The year is 2055. Natural resources are almost gone, the world as we know it has changed. Government is an oppressive force that restricts all civil liberties to ensure the safety of the population – or so they say.

Daniel Ochoa and Anna Serra are lovers and loyal members of the underground "Resistance," an opposition group that fights against the global dictatorship that dominates the world.

On their wedding day, the one moment they allowed to let their guard down, Daniel is caught and arrested. He is sentenced to life in prison in a maximum security prison called "The Tower," a former oil platform in the middle of the ocean.

Once imprisoned, Daniel loses all contact with the outside world, breaking ties with his movement and Anna. Still, no matter how impossible it seems, he is determined to find a way to regain his freedom and see her once again.

Devastated after Daniel's arrest, Anna decides she will not sit back and bear the government's oppression. Despite the tremendous risks, she joins the government's training forces in order to infiltrate The Tower as a security guard and help Daniel escape.

Daniel and Anna are risking their lives for love and freedom, all without losing faith that the other is still alive and believes in their relationship. They will encounter endless struggles as they try to reach their goal of escaping one of the world's most dangerous prisons and ending the grasp that the government has over their lives.

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