I have arguably one of the worst singing voices in the history of mankind, so the idea of being the only one able to hear myself sing scares me a little, but in the end, I think it's better for the world. Ok I'm probably being a little dramatic, but we all know how awkward it is to be out at karaoke when someone is singing painfully out of tune. So that's why this Japanese invention called Hitori de Karaoke DX, which translates to "Karaoke by Yourself Deluxe,” is truly genius. 

The product works by placing a circular mic that looks a bit like an oxygen mask over your mouth, which is then connected to your computer, TV, smartphone or stereo. You can then hear yourself sing through headphones, and from there, you can make adjustments to the volume and pitch of your voice. 

The "Karaoke by Yourself" is available on Amazon in Japan and costs around $44. 

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