Many wine connoisseurs have special wine glasses for when they drink their wine. There's something about the shape of the glasses that allows the air to circulate to bring about the true flavor of the wine. And now soda lovers, more specifically, Coca Cola connoisseurs, can enjoy their Coke with the same attention with the creation of the special Coca-Cola glass.

If a wine sommelier can twirl his or her wine glass around and take a whiff of the state of the wine, why shouldn't a Coca Cola drinker? Well, maybe that's taking it a bit too far, but these new Coke glasses developed by world-renowned wineglass maker RIDEL, in collaboration with the Coca-Cola company, definitely take Coke drinking to another level. With its unique shape and design, it is made to bring out the true the flavor of the Coca Cola. The wineglass is super light, a perfect fit for your hand. Because of the shape of the glass, the aroma of the Coke, if you do take a whiff, comes out in ways you never knew. The glass is also made to minimize the size of the bubbles if poured the right way. According to some who have had Coke with this glass, the flavor is so luxurious, it tastes almost like a different drink altogether. 

The Coke glasses are quite pricey, selling for 4320 yen for a set of two, which is a little over 40 dollars. One costs 35, so a set is the way to go. Now when you drink your Coke, you can do all the cool things a wine connoisseur does.

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