A new sightseeing train for in the the Hokuriku region of northwestern Japan takes you back in time with its all-out retro interior and design.

JR West, one of Japan's main railway companies, announced their new sightseeing train, the Nanao Line Sightseeing Train, and it is very Japanese. This local train was designed to represent the tradition and beauty the Hokuriku region is known for. Onsens (natural hot springs) are also aplenty, and many tourists from all over Japan make the trip to this northwestern part of Honshu to soak up in some hot springs. What better way to see the sights on a retro train, with local cuisine and performances? The train comes equipped with private Japanese-style rooms, and even an event space for parties.

Such a beautiful train... Unfortunately, due to Japan being such a small country, it's not like tourists and other passengers can ride this train for days, like some trains in Europe and elsewhere. If that was possible, it would truly be trip worth taking.