the gloss2 For the first time ever a K-pop group is going to debut with a member not of Asian decent. This new group is called The Gloss (so '80s right?!) and will be made up of two Korean members, 1 Korean-American member (who oddly enough looks like my Korean teacher), and for the first time a European from France named Olivia. MGMC, the entertainment company behind the group scouted each girl through global auditions held in Korea, Europe, and America.

The Gloss

Currently in K-pop there are non-Korean members like Amber and Victoria of F(x), Nichkhun of 2PM, and many of EXO's members just to name a few. Also there's Brad Moore, the drummer of Busker Busker who is also of non-Asian decent; but he doesn't really qualify as the first because Busker Busker is an Indie band not a K-pop group.


Check out The Gloss covering the Black Eyed Peas hit "I Gotta Feeling" below!

So see! Even if you're not Asian you can become a K-pop Idol, so make sure to go to all those auditions regardless of your background! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE