The "Hikaru Skirt," translated into the "Shining Skirt," was just recently introduced on a Japanese designer's Tumblr page, catching the attention of fashionistas who saw the LED light-equipped skirts.

These newly created short skirts by Kiyoyuki Amano may be the next Japanese fashion craze, and they're like no skirts anybody's ever seen. Coming straight out of the future, these short skirts are equipped with tiny LED lights on the inside, and when worn in the dark, they will illuminate your thighs. And because of the miniature gyro sensors inside the skirt that sense whenever there is rotational movement, the illumination changes color every time you move, putting on a colorful light show as you strut up and down the street.

Because these skirts were just developed, there are no prices or release dates yet. When the time comes that these Hikaru Skirts become available to the public, young women will colorfully light up their thighs and the streets below them in Tokyo and other cities around Japan. Photos are available on Kiyoyuki's Tumblr page at

The Shining Skirt

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