You never know what life is like for others unless you've walked a mile in their Lolita shoes. For example, have you ever thought about how girls who dress Lolita all the time do their laundry? Apparently, in Japan anyway, getting a laundromat to wash Lolita dresses has been a chore in itself. Until now, that is.

Lolita outfits are not exactly the kind of clothing you can just throw in a warm-cycle washer and dryer, fold them, and have them be perfect for your next time out. So washing them at home is out. Taking them to laundromats is the only choice for some serious Loiltas, but many laundromats in Japan, for a number of reasons, refuse to even wash them, claiming that colors come off, the shapes get damaged, there are too many ribbons and accessories, and basically they require too much labor. If a laundromat does accept the dress, they would charge anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 yen (about 180 to 720 dollars). Because of this, many Lolita girls didn't know where to turn.

But since September 5, they've all been turning to Lolita Cleaning of Osaka, a laundry service run by Loiltas for Lolitas. In Osaka, this may be the world's very first laundromat that specializes in washing Lolita dresses. Lolita Cleaning, which is a re-branded branch of a recently closed Lolita specialty store in Harajuku, actually has a special washing machine that was altered to be the only one of its kind in the world, the perfect washing machine for Lolita dresses. This place will know how to take care of your dress.

Since opening, the laundry service has been kept very busy, with girls coming in from all over Japan. The owner hopes that his service can one day expand overseas. To use their service, customers have to go on the Lolita Cleaning's website and make an appointment. There is currently an opening promo taking place, with a special discounted price of 5000 yen (45 dollars) for two items and 10000 yen (90 dollars) for five.

This place must be a godsend for Japanese Lolitas.

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