Maps on smartphones are now a part of many people's lives. So it comes as no surprise that in Japan, where anime and games are popular, a new app makes maps look like Sim City.

NTT DoCoMo, a giant Japanese telecom company, just released a new map app for use in their cellphones, and it makes looking for directions and getting to your location almost as fun as playing a game. The new app resembles Sim City, the widely popular game where players can design and construct their own cities. Currently, only 180 spots are mapped, but plans are to expand. The best thing about this app is that everything displays in real time. If it's raining and dark when you're navigating, it rains and is dark on your app. And because it lays out actual cities, there's no designing to be done, but navigating through city streets should be a lot more entertaining than a boring map or asking for directions. This app is not yet available for people who live in the boonies.

Welcome to Sim City Tokyo.

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