A two seater mini-car is available to rent at only about 20 cents a minute. But the catch is you can only drive it within tight city limits.

"Choi-mobi" is a brand new concept electric car developed by Nissan Motors. All you have to do to rent this mini-car is have a driver's license, attend a short introductory seminar, and go through the free registration process. Granted support by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the car can be driven all over the city of Yokohama. The city's restaurants, landmarks and roadmaps can be accessed through an app on your smartphone, so non-locals and tourists are encouraged to visit to drive around and see the sights.

For now, the Choi-mobi is in its experimental stage. The car has to be returned at various stations throughout the city. So if you're not familiar with Yokohama, you have to use Google Maps and find the locations yourself. And streets in Japan are notorious for being confusing.

But for 20 yen a minute, it might be worth the trouble, even though most of your time might be spent looking for your returning station.