With the wonderful news that Jeon Ji Hyun gave birth to a baby boy, there is much curiosity about where she is staying for her post-birth care. Korean (and other Asian) women have long followed a tradition of a careful regiment of postpartum care for perhaps as long as a month. For the My Love From Another Star actress, her VIP care comes with an expensive price tag.

Korean women (and Chinese women) believe that they need to restore their body from the fragile and vulnerable state of being pregnant and giving birth. A well-rested and fully recovered woman, it is believed, will regain her full strength and avoid illnesses later in her life. Some of the rules include not touching cold water or getting out of the house. In more traditional times, women tended to have a support group of other women who stayed at home to help out. Nowadays, it is much more convenient to stay at a professional care center.

South Korea is known for excellent post-birth care centers. The centers provide full-time care for mother and baby. The top-notch care goes beyond providing a menu of nutritionally designed food and monitored rest. These centers have doctors on call and even beauty services such as spa, massage, and aesthetics care. It's like staying at a luxurious boutique hotel that comes with nurses. A VIP client could be provided with Swiss mineral water to drink and a nice car that presumably comes with a driver.

Evidently no expense is spared for the 35-year-old Jeon Ji Hyun. The upscale post-birth care center that the actress reserved long before she gave birth is reportedly costing the equivalent of US$1,200 a night. Her advance reservation was reported to be for 2 weeks. However, her rest and recovery period could last up to 3 to 4 weeks by strict tradition, and the cost would rise accordingly. To protect her privacy, she has not disclosed the name of her center.

We fans certainly would wish for her full and speedy recovery, and we can't wait to see baby photos.

In the meantime, congratulations to Jeon Ji Hyun and her husband!

~ NancyZdramaland

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