A new doll dubbed the "Normal Barbie" illustrates what Barbie would look like using realistic standards. The doll was invented by digital artist Nickolay Lamm with the goal of re-framing the way that we define beauty. 

Lamm said of the doll, "Barbie is a very iconic figure, so I figured it would be very fitting to create an average Barbie. And I also wanted to show that average is beautiful and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards. And I feel Barbie kind of symbolizes that.”

The "Normal Barbie" doll comes with a slew of stickers that show stretch marks, acne, mosquito bites, cellulite, tattoos, and blushing. Lamm took his new invention to 2nd graders and recorded their reactions in the video below. As you can see in the video, the children really seemed to respond to the doll's realistic attributes. 

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