Sometimes you see a new, outrageous gadget out on the market, and you wonder if anyone actually buys or uses the crazy product. Well, one of those came out in Japan again, and this one may just be the thing for you. But only if you have an iPhone and happen to suffer from dry skin.

I recently wrote about an iPhone charger that charges your phone and warms you up at the same time. And now a different kind of charger has hit the market. This charger, manufactured by Sanko, doesn't warm your hands when you're out in the cold, but it can be used as a face mist to moisturize your face when your skin gets dry. Just fill the charger with any liquid you want, whether water or moisturizer, and it will give you 15 minutes of spray time. And winter is dry skin season, after all, so if you get this special charger, you'll be prepared with moisturizer and charger all-in-one. Not too bad of a deal, since this charger only costs 4,980 yen, or about 45 dollars.

First it's a warming pad iPhone charger, and now it's a face mist charger. What will they think of next? Or better yet, what would you make if you could make an iPhone charger double as something else?

3 hour charge, 15 minute spray time

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Comes in white, gold and pink