The photo booths that made stickers of your photos were all the rage in Japan in the late 90s. EVERYONE had photo stickers of themselves and their lovers and best friends on their cell phones. Once a thing of the past, a new type of Puri Kura (Print Club) hit the streets of Tokyo and Osaka, and they're unlike anything else in the world.

Two sticker photo booths, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka, are called M&Ms Friends Maker, and are sponsored, of course, by M&Ms. When both of these booths are occupied at the same exact time, they allow you to take photos with strangers in the other city that you just met for the first time. A friendly woman's voice will navigate you through the photo shoot so you can coordinate your poses together. The stickers that come out of the machine are of you and your newfound friends! In an era when you can meet strangers anytime you like with social networking apps, it still sounds strangely exciting to be able to take photos with complete strangers and end up on the same sticker. As of now, these booths are limited and are only temporary. But soon, plans are to have newer versions of these booths, including ones that allow you to doodle on the photos and decorate them. And this will not only allow you to add some flavor to the stickers, but you can also write messages to your new friends and even give them your phone number if you want. You might even meet the love of your life.

Sounds like something that might be the next big thing.



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