Your life's biggest accomplishment, whether it's something you do for yourself or for others, will happen when the time is right. Some do great things when they're young; others peak when they're older. It really doesn't matter when it happens, as long as it does, as proven by a 65-year-old Frenchman from western France who invented some special pills to benefit all of mankind.

After one specific incident, inventor Christian Poincheval  claims he almost suffocated as a result of his own and his friends' farts when they were all enjoying a substantial feast. Christian was determined to do all he could to prevent anybody from breathing in such toxic fumes again, and after  eight long years of research and experimentation, he finally accomplished what he promised himself. By using only natural ingredients like blueberries and seaweed, Christian created two versions of a magic pill, one that makes people's farts smell like roses or chocolate. Thanks to this invention, which came to fruition because of Christian Poincheval's serious concern for the well-being of his fellow man, the days of holding your breath in an elevator or pretending like it wasn't you when there's no one else around may finally be over. The cost for the "Father Christmas Fart Pills" is 9.99 euros for a jar of 60.

Unfortunately, Christian admits that he has no idea how to do anything about the sound. 

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Monsieur Christian Poincheval