To the delight of gamers and Pokemon fans all over Japan, plans for the first ever arcade Pokemon fighting game were announced this week, and it's due to be released in 2015.

Arcades, or game centers as they're called in Japan, are always packed, especially on weekends and during vacation time. In populated metropolitan areas, they are crowded even on weekdays because salarymen stop on their way home from a boring day at work to entertain themselves by playing their favorite games.

In 2015, the crowds are sure to get bigger, especially right after Pokken, a tournament style Pokemon fighting game based on Tekken, makes its debut. Just like Tekken, two screens will be opposite each other, so gamers can sit on each side and fight a friend or stranger, or play alone if they wish. But playing alone never lasts long with these popular games. Some twerp will no doubt sit across from you, drop in his 100 yen coin, challenge you to a fight, and kick your butt. He'll keep playing all day with his one coin (by beating everyone), while you wait in line with the other losers to have another opportunity to get best up again.

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