Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are baffled in love!  The two stars look perplexed in the posters for their upcoming romantic comedy film Today's Love. In the newest official movie posters, the main stars are surrounded by a collage of photos featuring their significant other. The captions give the audience a glimpse into their thoughts.

Lee's caption reads, "You say we are not dating. but you ask me to buy food, drinks, and hang out with you. Do you... have a conscience?"

Moon's continues with the following caption: "You're not bad, but you're not attractive either. In conclusion, you... just don't excite me!"

Today's Love is about two very different people falling in love. Joon Soo (Lee) gives his all to win the heart of his dream girl. However, his heart always gets broken when she dumps him. Hyun Woo (Moon) is a tough-talking meteorologist. Her boldness outshines her beauty. 

Can a pirate radio show cure love’s ailments? Find out on Love Frequency 37.2:

Actress Park Eun Ji, After School member Lizzy, and former T-ara member Hwayoung also star in this hilarious romantic comedy. 

Today's Love premieres in theaters next month.  

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