Fans of the manga/anime Attack On Titan who are looking forward to the upcoming live-action adaptation starring Miura Haruma and Kiko Mizuhara will be pleased to see their favorite characters in costume in the new movie posters. They'll find that while some of their favorite characters may be missing from the cast, the creator, Isayama Hajimehas worked with the director to add a few exciting additions. 

The setting of the movie varies significantly from the anime, with the movie taking place in a modern, post-apocalyptic world instead of a medieval-ish setting. Fans will also notice that the producers chose to keep characters looking natural and less like anime characters. 

Watch Miura Haruma in the heart wrenching series The Hours of My Life:

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What do you think of the new charcters, costumes, and setting? Will you be watching Attack On Titan? Comment below!

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