Need a quick break from finals or the holiday rush? We have the perfect new mini drama for you to escape the hustle with! 9 Seconds — Eternal Time, starring Lee Joo Seung (The Time That I Loved You, 7,000 Days) and K-pop girl group Bestie's Haeryung (High School — Love On), is a tiny tearjerker about fleeting youth and first love, and you can finish all 7 short episodes in one sitting! 


Upon a chance meeting at a neighborhood photo studio, Yoo So Ra (Na Hae Ryung) and Kang Yoo Chan (Lee Joo Seung) develop a picture-perfect romance with the help of a magical camera that can freeze time. At first the camera seems like a game, but it begins to take on a whole new meaning as they face hardships that might cut their growing love and youth short.