The new romantic comedy Bromance, starring Megan Lai and Baron Chen, has been causing quite a buzz among the T-drama fan community with overwhelmingly positive reviews, and now you can watch it here on DramaFever! Take a look at what this funny, touching, and unique gender bender is all about!


Following a fortune teller’s advice, Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) has been forced to live as a man for 25 years. On the eve of her 26th birthday—the year which she can finally live freely as a woman—she inadvertently saves Du Zhi Feng (Baron Chen), a mob boss, and his sister, who falls in love with Ya Nuo at first sight. To complicate matters further, Du Zhi Feng becomes Ya Nuo’s sworn brother, forcing her to decide whether or not she’s willing to remain his best man—or something more.

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