Get ready for a whole new K-drama experience because the very first "choose your own adventure" K-drama, where you get to choose the outcome of the story,  Click Your Heart, is now out on DramaFever!  There's no need to worry about suffering from the dreaded second lead syndrome because you, the viewer, get to choose which member of rookie K-pop group Neoz AOA's Min Ah ends up with-- Baek Ju Ho, Kim Ro Woon, Kang Cha Ni, or Lee Da Won


In the interactive choose-your-own-adventure series Click Your Heart, you, the viewer, get to choose which of the four hot guys endearingly awkward high school student AOA's Min Ah ends up with by deciding which episodes to watch!

Meet the four hot choices HERE!


Each round of episodes will premiere on DramaFever at 12PM EST March 23-25. We'll be watching it together and then voting on which episode to watch and discuss next during a special DramaFever Facebook Live Chat. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and watch for the Live Chat notification at 3PM every day March 23-25 to vote and join in on the conversation! (All episode options will be posted; the vote is just for which ones we will discuss together.) 

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Click Your Heart

Starring Kwon Min Ah (Min A) and Baek Ju Ho

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