Are you new to T-dramas after watching the hit gender bender Bromance and looking for more amazing ones to watch between episodes? Well we have an adorable new Taiwanese drama Love or Spend, starring Kingone Wang (Someone Like You) and Hong Xiao Ling (Dear Mom), for you today on DramaFever! Take a look! 


Close friends often confuse each other for lovers, but not Pei Zheng Xi (Kingone Wang) and Mo Cheng Zhen (Hong Xiao Ling). Their mothers are best friends, so they've been close since childhood. Zheng and Zhen's moms always hoped their kids would fall in love and marry each other some day, but the two share no romantic feelings despite having known each other for decades. Ultimately, their mothers convince them to explore their individual love lives and find their soulmates by their 32nd birthdays. If they fail to find their matches, they have to marry each other.



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Love or Spend

Starring Kingone Wang and Hong Xiao Ling

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