For those of you who need a good cry, DramaFever has just the show for you. Released today, Beyond the Clouds is a crime melodrama about a man and woman who have tragic pasts that are inextricably connected in a tangled, twisted fate. Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye star in this thriller about a con man who falls in love with a beautiful jewel heiress, catapulting them into a web full of deceit and doomed romance. In case this didn't have you at hello, let's take a deeper look.


Despite coming from a criminal family, Jung Se Ro (Yoon Kye Sang) is a hardworking student who wants an honest life for himself. That is, until he accidentally gets entangled in one of his father’s heists the night of a glamorous jewel exhibition opening. When the dust settles, Se Ro’s father is dead and he has accidentally killed a man. After being released from prison five years later, Se Ro takes up the life of a con man, joining a ring of jewel smugglers led by Park Kang Jae (Jo Jin Woong). Se Ro is filled with revenge for his father’s death and his wasted life until he meets the beautiful jewel heiress, Han Young Won (Han Ji Hye), who has developed a cold heart after the death of her fiancé. The couple brings each other back to life in an ill-fated love, not knowing that Young Won’s fiancé was actually the man killed by Se Ro five years earlier.

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Whoo! Ok, let's take a breather. This sounds so intense, but so good. *reaching for tissue box already*

You know it's going to be good because there's already a single tear rolling down her face in the drama poster. Just look at it resting on the bottom of her chin. FEELS!

Wow, Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye look so hot together! This OTP with chemistry galore will make the stabs of despair that much deeper, and hopefully the good times that much happier.

Did you know that Yoon Kye Sang is known informally as the Brad Pitt of Korea? I can buy that! Looking into his soulful eyes kind of makes me want to sob...and then make out with him.

With titles under her belt like East of Eden and Summer Scent, the tragically beautiful Han Ji Hye is no stranger to melodramas. She's sure to make a compelling female lead.

Oh great, another single tear. This may be too much for me to handle in the winter, but I just don't care!

Here comes the love square with actress Kim Yoo Ri playing second female lead Seo Jae In. As an accomplice to the ring of jewel smugglers, Seo Jae In develops unreturned feelings for Jung Se Ro. In this new role, Kim Yoo Ti couldn't be playing a character more opposite than the vain actress she played in The Master's Sun. I'm excited to see her versatility.

And to round out the love square is Jo Jin Woong as Park Kang Jae, the man who Jung Se Ro's father raised as his own and the leader of the jewel smugglers. He and Jung Se Ro have a brother-like relationship, but Jo Jin Woong has always been jealous of Jung Se Ro, especially once he realizes that his love for Seo Jae In is one-sided and that she is actually falling in love with his rival.

Let the romance, betrayal, and intrigue begin!

Alright, I know what I'll be doing tonight: wiping tears from my eyes because I have allergies (at least that's what I'll be telling my roommates). Join me right HERE on DramaFever. I think I'm going to need your support to get through this cryfest!