A restaurant affiliated with an aquatic research center at a university in Japan became the first restaurant in the world to specialize in serving farm-raised bluefin tuna to customers.

The restaurant, named "Kinki University Aquatics Research Center," already has long lines of tuna lovers waiting to get seated. The restaurant is located on the 6th floor of Osaka Station's mall building, Grand Front Osaka. The restaurant "wants to share the success of the school's research with the public." The selling point of this restaurant is that it's able to control the fish by raising them according to schedule, allowing the chefs to serve the tuna at their peak texture and flavor.

"Compared to supermarket bought raw fish, there is absolutely no tinge of blood favor," said a local woman who had some bluefin tuna over rice. "It was very good."

For the many of us concerned with the disappearance of fish from the oceans, this is some very hopeful news.

Chefs at work:

Another long line: