Getting a ring for your significant other is the ultimate sign of love, a romantic gesture that can bring couples closer together. But no ring can accomplish what the new Touch HB Ring can do, which can literally let you feel your lover's heartbeat in real time.

In recent years, with video call apps like Skype and FaceTime, long distance relationships have become somewhat more bearable, compared to the days when couples living far apart had only letters and expensive phone calls to feel each other's presence. But feeling your sweetheart's presence has now become a lot easier, with the creation of a new ring that lets the wearer feel their partner's heartbeats in real time. No matter where you are, and no matter where your lover is, as long as the app for the Touch HB Ring gets downloaded on your smartphone and paired with the ring, and you add each other's profiles in the app, you are set to be in romantic bliss with the love of your life. So even if you have oceans between you, and you find it unbearable to be part from them, the HB Ring will bring you closer than ever before. 

Unfortunately, the ring is quite expensive, because it is a piece of wearable technology that's pretty sophisticated. Made out of either stainless steel or rose gold with sapphire crystal, it's got more than 100 components, including a battery, an LED array, a charging connector, a multidimensional motherboard, sensors, and a physical feedback motor. So the asking price is 600 dollars for a pair of the stainless steel, and 3000 dollars for the gold and crystal pair. Pre-orders have started being taken on August 2nd, and the rings will ship in November and December.

Like all technology, no matter how ideal, couples who wear these heartbeat rings will probably have some problems. What if one's battery runs out? Or no internet connection? Suddenly, there's no heartbeat! And having no heartbeat is never a good sign, especially for a couple that needs to feel each other's all the time. 


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