An arcade-style sake museum opened in the Echigo Yuzawa Station Building in Niigata, Japan, allowing eager customers to sample a wide range of the famous Japanese alcohol. Yes, Niigata is famous for rice. And sake.

Called "Ponshukan," this sake museum is just like an arcade. You pay to get credits in the form of chips, or special coins. 500 yen gets you five coins and a sake cup. Walk up to any dispenser and put your cup in the slot. Drop your coin in and press release. A delicious, local sake will come pouring out, settling perfectly in your cup.

Sake drinkers have plenty of choices to choose from. There are a total of 93 sakes made from small, up-and-coming brewers to established major ones. Sake is exactly like wine, every one of them tastes subtly different all according to the purity of the water used, how much they polish each individual rice grain, and other very specific processes that are all a part of sake brewing.

This is a great opportunity for new and old brewers alike, and an even better opportunity for customers to get a little taste of different sakes and a buzz for only 500 yen.