[caption id="attachment_8772" align="alignleft" width="367" caption="Kim Kang Woo"][/caption] Fans of Kpop girl group 2NE1 are speculating that some new photos uploaded by member Sandara Park contain hints that a new season of their series 2NE1 TV is in the works. Obviously the pics are for some kind of show, unless the girls normally race past confused shoppers down supermarket aisles. Maybe a pop star version of Supermarket Sweep? Personal Taste's Kim Ji Suk has joined the military, even prepping his fans for his new crew cut by uploading a couple of pics he took himself. As reported earlier, Kim Hyun Joong suffered minor injuries when he was involved in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago. Although he was still able to perform on Saturday, he was limited to singing ballads and no dancing. New fan photos released from the concert show the recovering Kim looking like he can't wait to get off that stage! Kim Kang Woo, from Story Of A Man and the Cannes favorite Ha Ha Ha, announced plans to marry Han Hye Jin's older sister Han Mu Young. The couple will be married in just a few weeks, although the honeymoon spot and other details are as yet undecided. They'll have a private ceremony closed to the public. Song Hye Kho is in Hong Kong and China to film Wong Kar Wai's new movie, and she's being stalked by paparazzi on her way to work. The latest, rather everyday snapshot of the actress walking to work that has nevertheless grabbed many netizens' attention is here. Finally, a more action-packed photo of SNSD's overzealous manager just straight up crushing a fan's cell phone as she took pics of the group. SNSD were performing as cheerleaders at a football game, and obviously there were lots of cameras around since someone was right there to film the incident. Maybe Song Hye Kho can hire this guy?