resize-800x450-1 It’s the F4! Except….H4? Yep, the H stands for “Halbi,” or the cutesy Korean way of saying Halabeoji (grandfather). From Na Young Suk, the ex-producer of 2 Days 1 Night, Grandpas over Flowers is a new variety show on cable channel TvN. The H4 cast features four of the most veteran and well-respected actors in the South Korean film industry including Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyun and Baek Il Sub. halbae01-00367 Grandpas Over Flower's debut features a backpacking trip through Europe. The first episode is in Paris, France, where the cast meets each other and spends their first night together.  The grandpas range in age from 69-80, and the grandpas’ filmography boasts over 100 projects each, including Golden Empire, King 2 Hearts, and Hundred Year Inheritance among some of the big recent titles.  No news yet if the H4 will be terrorizing Europe with red cards, though we hear there is a cast member nicknamed “Jandi.”