For all those guys out there who tend to be attracted to older women, a new Android/iOS romance game from Japan has million-year-old grannies waiting for your love.

Jun'ai Babah Gakuen, or "Pure Love Hag School," is a new yet-to-be-released romance simulation game by the same creators of Hyakumansai no Babah, or "Million Year Old Hag," a game where users create and train a million-year-old granny. Now users will fall in love with the fossil-aged cuties of this special school. The girls include a recent transfer student, a sister-type, a student body president, and an idol, all a million years old and eager for your love. Of course, they are old and wise, so having them return your love is no guarantee. But if you succeed in impressing a woman at the Pure Love Hag School, getting any living woman to go out on a date with you after that should be a piece of cake.

The cuties of "Pure Love Hag School"

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